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Fall Lawn Maintenance

Your lawn is recovering in the fall from summer stresses and is the time to prepare for a great lawn next year.  Heat, drought and insect damage have been, and continue to be a problem this year.  Watering remains important through the fall aid in that recovery.  Aerating, fertilizing, overseeding and topdressing are all [...]

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Summer Lawn Tips

It has been unusually hot this Summer, with very little rain. The majority of the insect damage I have seen on lawns is sod webworms. If you see little, tan moths when you are mowing flying out of the grass along with tan or brown spotting of grass, this would be webworm moth damage. [...]

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What a Mild Winter Means for Your Lawn

Seems like it's been three weeks since we last saw the sun.  It was a pretty boring winter, with little snow and mild temperatures.  The grass is starting to grow in areas that see the minimal sunlight we have received.  Soil temperatures are still in the upper 40's and when we do finally see [...]

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