Most of the leaves have fallen by now and it is a good idea to get those mulched up with your mower. There are a lot of free nutrients in those leaves so mulching them back into the lawn is a great idea. Getting the leaves cleaned up around your house’s foundation by blowing or raking them away from your will eliminate hiding spots for mice that may want to make their way inside for the winter. Now is also a good time to apply your final application of nutrients to the lawn. If you are spraying your applications, adding a sugar source like blackstrap molasses will help digest those leaves a little faster. We have had a pretty dry year so far so a good watering would be beneficial after your final application. I learned a lot of new information this year about nutrient uptake and managing inputs through testing. We put that into practice on the lawns we treat and while I wish we had more rainfall, it was a very successful season, and look forward to applying this knowledge in our program next year. Have a safe winter and reach out if you have any questions.