Fall has finally arrived with warmer than normal weather, which has been great for fall seeding and repairs.  It was a tough year for grass this season with the continued drought conditions we have experienced.  Grubs have taken their toll on a few lawns as well.  Commodity prices for fertilizer are skyrocketing and it might get worse if we have a cold winter as urea is tied in with natural gas pricing in its production.  The drought and fires out west have also created a seed shortage that won’t be getting better next year either.  Preventative measures such as watering when needed, utilizing a grub prevention treatment to prevent damage can mitigate the cost of seeding and repairs.  Not all gloom and doom though.  I planted a new blend of tall fescue that is touted as being very drought resistant.  It came in very nicely and quickly with both aeration and overseed and drill seeding.  So far the texture and color are outstanding and will see how it performs throughout 2022 before recommending or installing it to our customers.  We have added a few new pieces of equipment for seeding, one being a topdresser for compost and it has been great.  Getting some coverage on the seed and improving the soil at the same time has been a win-win.

Let’s enjoy this warm weather while it lasts and remember fall is the best time to prepare your lawn for next spring.