We just got through an extreme hot spell last week and as I write this, windows are open and it’s in the upper 50’s this morning, which feels great.

Hope everyone has been watering at least once or twice a week. We have had rain but it has come in the downpour variety of 1-2 inches in an hour. Our plants aren’t able to take that up and most ends up washing away. May sound crazy, but watering lightly even for 5 to 10 minutes before a storm will help prime the soil to take in the rainfall. Think of your soil as a sponge. If you fill up your sink and throw a dry sponge on top of the water, it will just float. Your lawn works in the same way.

Summer is also a great time to cut focus on micro-nutrients for your soil as well. This doesn’t push growth which can further stress the lawn, but will provide improved color and health of the lawn and works wonders on plants as well.