Spring is finally here after a long, snowy winter. Here are a few ideas to get you ready for a great growing season.

Tune up your mower and sharpen your blade. A dull mower blade damages your grass and just plain doesn’t look good when done. There are repair shops that have a blade exchange program where you just take in your blade and they give you a sharp one on the spot. Return next month, and repeat. A very simple, inexpensive way to keep a good edge without much hassle.

Matted Grass with Snow MoldRake up your leaves and sticks off the lawn to keep the grass from matting. Look out for matted grass, white or pink webbing. I have seen some snow mold out walking lawns this spring. Just rake it out and maybe a little seed when it warms up a bit, soil temps need to be in the mid 50’s before seed will germinate. It’s also a good idea to get your pre-emergent down in April or May. Choose a product with slow-release fertilizer and a low rate or nitrogen to allow roots to keep doing their thing. Our applications this time of year consist of pre-emergent, very light rate of fertilizer and soil amendments. This will get the lawn green, loosen up the soil profile and drive roots down and add micro-nutrients for color while not encouraging too much vertical growth.

In your landscape beds, you will want to cut back perennials and grasses of dead growth. Put down a fresh coat of mulch and apply a pre-emergent if weeds have been a problem.

Give us a call if we can help you get your lawn or landscape off to a great start this season.