Your lawn is recovering in the fall from summer stresses and is the time to prepare for a great lawn next year.  Heat, drought and insect damage have been, and continue to be a problem this year.  Watering remains important through the fall aid in that recovery.  Aerating, fertilizing, overseeding and topdressing are all great ways to help the recovery process.  Aerating breaks helps break down the thatch layer, and if seeding at the same time, provides better seed/soil contact.  Each year, seed growers and introducing better varieties of seed to withstand environmental stresses and grow a thicker, greener lawn.

In the fall, the majority of the nitrogen recommended for the year is applied.  Applications at this time of year help the lawn recovery and thicken.  Root mass is increased again and carbohydrates are stored for use next year.  This is the most important time of year to apply fertilizer and clean up remaining/emerging weeds.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like help with your lawn this fall.